Quick Base64

Encode and decode your files to and from base64 format with Quick Base64.
It's really fast.

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Quick Base64 is a free and open-sourced application which allows you to encode your files into base64 format.
It can also decode your base64 contents into it's original format.
It is made to help speed up your projects when you deal with base64 files, hence it's name Quick Base64.
Quick Base64 is packed with many features to help you when you deal with base64 files.
Some of the features include, an auto-detection mode, copy encoded data in HTML or CSS formats and many more...

Encoding with Quick Base64

Encoding files with Quick Base64

It allows you to encode your files with ease.
Just drop a file onto the application and it will encode it for you.
Also, you can encode a file or text which is in your clipboard.
Just copy the object to your system clipboard and Quick Base64 will
give you an option to load it.

Decoding with Quick Base64

Decoding a file with Quick Base64

Also, it makes decoding easier.
Just drop your file containing base64 contents and it will decode it for you.
When a file dropped does not contain base64 contents,
the appplication will not decode the file.

Auto-detecting mode

Auto detection mode of Quick Base64

When you are not sure whether the contents needs to be encoded or decoded,
you use the auto-detection mode.
The auto-detection mode will test if the contents of your file is valid base64 contents.
If it is, it will decode the base64 contents.
Else, it will encode them.

Copying encoded data in HTML/CSS formats

Copying encoded data in html or css format with quick base64

It allows you to copy encoded base64 contents in HTML or CSS mode if only they are of type image, audio or video.
When your encoded data belongs to one of these types, Quick Base64 will allow you to copy the contents in html or css formats including the tags.
For example, copying an image in html format will give you <img src="">.

Source code can be found on Github.