Hello World🌐 👋, Am Lucretius👦.

Well, to describe myself on this page is a bit difficult as it is hard to find the right words to use🤔.
Anyway, let's see how this ends...

My name is Lucretius and welcome to my part of the internet😇.
Am 16 years and am in high school🏫. I started programming when I was 13 but I wished I started earlier😩.
I understand 6 programming languages + HTML and CSS. The 6 languages are Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++ and Ruby.
My favourite language is Python, it's very easy to learn and understand.

Am based somewhere in Wakanda🇬🇭.
I had my first computer when I was 6 and at 13, I started learning Python🐍.
I am good in developing websites and also good in making softwares. I developed this website so that I can upload my softwares here.
Then I developed Eakloe toolz, a set of online tools I mostly use.
Then I made Eakloe Blog, a place where I write things I know.

I have a few hobbies.
I love reading books 📚. My favourite story book📖 is Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon. It's a series, am yet to finish it.
Am also a gamer🎮, I mostly complete every game I start. I have completed about 35+ games without cheats.😎
I love music too 🎵, but I don't have a favourite🙂.
I write✍️ in my diary in my spare time, code when I have a computer close-by and play games when am bored.
I try to become the best version of myself🙃, never the same.
I update myself everyday.🙂

That's all I can say for now.
I have a few certificates over here.